About Intersect Arts

We are a collective of artists based in Sydney, Australia, with experience in running and managing artist studio spaces. We are now collaborating to create a creative space, offering public accessible workshops, exhibitions, artist talks, and affordable studio space for artists in an amazing building close to the Sydney CBD.

Space is a resource hard to come by in the current economic climate, yet one of our greatest needs as artists is to have the space to develop our creative practices. Many in our position often have to choose between practising our craft or living beyond our means. We would like to enable artists to develop their practice at very affordable costs.

Sydney has a long history of communal art culture, from the early Australian and immigrant artists who established camps at various sites along the Sydney foreshore in the 1880s to communities such as the Yellow House in the 1950s and 1960s. Like our early counterparts, we seek a space from which to creatively articulate our experiences of living and working in Sydney, engaging with contemporary and historical issues within the community.

Our Mission

Intersect Arts is committed to bringing together multidisciplinary artists and makers working in or wanting to work in the creative industries. Supplying affordable studio space under one roof we are able to leverage the benefits of intersecting skill sets, networking and the mentoring that is possible under such an environment.

Intersect Arts was born when two well established studios combined forces by pooling together their collective experience running art studios in the Sydney area.


Who We Are

Pamela Lee Brenner

Installation, new media artist, designer and educator. Formerly a co-director of the Port 55 Artist Studios in Maroubra, a studio to provide emerging artists with a space to work in the eastern suburbs Worked closely as a  designer/studio manager at Studio W. Has a background in architecture, design and art direction for TV drama.

Johannes Muljana

An educator, designer and artist. Works in digital media, interactive installation and software performances. A part of an artistic duo called Frolic and Gambol.

Natalie Aylward

Queer multidisciplinary artist currently focused on installation work & textile design. Has been involved in running lots of art spaces & events

Leigh Russell

Director of 24 Fred Street Studios, a non-profit Artist Run Initiative in Lilyfield that offers affordable studio space to emerging artists for the past 5 years. Creative business owner at Museum of Small Things, and technical solutions engineer for the creative industries.

At Intersect Arts

Mirra Whale

Mirra Whale is a painter, printmaker  and drawer that has recently returned to sydney. Mirra examines the relationships between man-made and natural beings through images of plants, land and people.

Hanako Thompson

Hanako Thompson is a multidisciplinary artist working in screen media.

Heather Egan

Drawing, painting, playing with the unpredictability and random nature of ink.

David O'Donoghue

David O'Donoghue is a Sydney based Artist; crossing territories of installation, sound design and composition, music, video and music video, object making, semiotic engineering, micro-assemblage, drawing and (extended drawing) Life Art, and contemporary bricolage. He has an interest in post-cultural mythology, microphilosophy, and self propelled propaganda mechanisms. His most enjoyable pastime(s) is the Derive; and Synthesis.

Zoe Bower

Zoe Bower is a fashion designer.

Meg Garven

Meg Garven is a photographer and multimedia designer.

Winston Stephenson

Winston Stephenson is a photographer.

Bastian Fox Phelan

Queer & gender diverse writer, zine maker, singer & songwriter. Into astrology, tarot, yoga & cycling. You can find my band's music here: http://moonsign.bandcamp.com

Martin Ramos

Martin Ramos is an artist and illustrator

Edwin Erdmanis

Edwin Erdmanis is a developer and digital artist

Phil Sloggett

Phil Sloggett is an animator and a game designer

Sarah Rodigari

Sarah Rodigari addresses economies of exchange pertaining to socio-political engagement, shared authorship and new institutional critique. The form of her work is responsive and context specific. Her working 
method is interdisciplinary and recent projects take the form of performance, installations text, video, curating and collaborating.

Brian Fuata

Brian Fuata works in text and performance.  He is also part of art group Wrong Solo with Agatha Gothe-Snape and Shane Haseman.

Kevin Platt

Kevin Platt is a multidisciplinary installation and performance artist

Jackson Stacy

A queer and transgender installation artist.

Lucinda Clutterbuck

Lucinda Clutterbuck is an animator and film maker.

Melissa Ramos

Melissa Ramos works in film medium, with a purpose to express her imagination into a cinematic language. She's interested in the medium's intrinsic nature of time and movement. Ramos explores stories that confound reality with fiction. With an aim to communicate a poetic experience. An experience in ways in which the presence of time itself can also be discovered behind the simulation of storytelling.

Juntra Santitharangkun

I am a Sydney based Photographer/Cinematographer. To me, it is not about capturing an image directly in front of me but to reveal a hidden image through the process itself. I enjoy manipulating and changing photographic prints through darkroom possessing and also enjoy night photography. Inspired by Sgraffito I create photographic spaces during nighttime by strategically adding light to reveal areas that other wise would be completely enveloped by darkness.

Damien Salomons

A Painter/sculptor . Body of works are influenced by scientific theory, metaphysical archetypes, perspective shift, quantifying non-linear abstract processes and humanities desire to transcend 

Sandy King

Sandy is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, teaching yoga classes in the Inner West, including donation-based classes in Campderdown Park and Queer & Trans* Yoga classes at Twenty10. Sandy is also the co-owner of Yogeeks Apparel - a local screen-printing business, creating ethically produced, vegan, organic yoga wear .

Davida Bache

Born in Birmingham,England, Studied BA Visual Art and Specialising in Painting at the South Australian School of Art. The main focus for my work is exploring the interconnectedness of music art, and metaphysics. Revealing my findings through  painting and discovering the ideology and journey of self.

Jax Wechsler

Jax Wechsler works as a human-centred design practitioner. In 2013, she founded a group called Social Design Sydney which aims at starting a conversation about Social Design in Sydney. Jax plays in  a video-art duo called Slinky & Snudis who VJ live  for bands, festivals and art events.

Mark Eliott

Mark works primarily in flame-worked borosilicate glass and makes forays into music, animation and performance. His practice includes improvisational and collaborative works, which involve synaesthetic responses to music, letters and numerals, his biological representations of sea creatures and his story telling through the mediums of glass installations and animations.

Di Drew

Di Drew is a Newcastle-raised factotum, working primarily with music and fiction. At Intersect, they are working on their first novel, second solo album and queer plus size fashion designs