We have moved out of Bourke Street, Darlinghurst

We have completed our activation of the building at 277 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst. Our work is done and we are moving on. We would like to thank all our studio residents, friends and supporters, who have made this possible. Without you all, this building would have been just another empty buidling awaiting redevelopment. We also would like to extend a special thanks to the City of Sydney, who have affoded us the opportunity to activate this buidling under their Short Term Creative Tenancies program.

What an adventure it has been! In the short space of around six months, we transformed what was once a clinic into a hub of creative activities and events. We have made a lot of new friends and we have met a lot of familiar spaces during our tenancy. We hope we can repeat this exciting journey in the near future.

posted: 26/06/14

Restaging Restaging by Sarah Rodigeri, Jess Oliveri and Brian Fuata


In the mid to late nineties, short performance works were a practice.  Often happening in a theatrical setup i.e. a seated audience before a live performer and normally between 15 – 20 minutes long, these concise, complete and autonomous performances share the poetic and physical economy of the literary short story or for screen - the short film; and like them they seemingly trace the physicality of their bigger counterparts; but not entirely.  How does the specificity of the exact time of 20 minutes inform artistic process and audience reception?
They require a different tone - a different subset of skill and understanding from both the artist and audience.

Eight artists spread across disciplines ranging from visual arts, music, dance and design have been gathered under the rubric of a short performance; tracing this specific timeframe as a conceptual consideration in which an...

posted: 06/04/14

Cabaroque Drawing and Performances

Cabaroque is an event combining cabaret, burlesque, music and drawing. It held its first event at Intersect Arts Lab and Chat Room last Wednesday on 19 Mach 2014. A large number of drawing, cabaret and burlesque enthusiasts congregated in our Level 2. Performers Katie Jay and Nico With A C were at their best inspiring artists with their moves, acts and voices.

The night began with a show by each of the performers to warm things up, then followed by a life-drawing session in each of our two rooms. Attendees were in both rooms drawing some dynamic poses on display by the performers. After intermission, the performers put on another set, followed by more life-drawing.

It was a night of creativity, performance, music and above all, fun. We would like to thank our friend Olga Kuzovina for organising such a great night for everyone.

posted: 22/03/14

Flux On Flux Off Soldering Workshop Coming Soon!

Leigh Russell will be running an introduction to basic soldering techniques soon. It will cost $50.00 and at the end of it you will walk out with a completed FM bug kit (FM transmitter). For an extra $35.00 you will get a kit that includes a temp controlled soldering iron, side cutters, Multimeter and solder wick. Watch this space.

posted: 11/03/14