Est Et Non

One of our residents, David O'Donoghue, will be playing with his band Est Et Non next Tuesday on 18 February 2014.  Come and catch them play at the Flinders Hotel if you're about., grab a drink and enjoy some live music.

posted: 14/02/14

Cinema Rover at Intersect Arts

Last night a group of cinema enthusiasts got together in our Chat Room and The Lab to watch movies screened on two screens simultaneously. In The Lab, a feature-length movie was screened for a more serious viewing while in the Chat Room  a series of shorts was shown to a more relaxed audience. Members of the audience were able to move freely between the two rooms and snacks and refreshments were served to all.

The screenings began at 6.30pm and ended at 10.00pm. We would like to thank Craig Brown and Jacqueline Wechsler for organising the movies and the event. Let us just say that a good time was had by all. Until the next one.

posted: 09/02/14
posted: 06/02/14

Doodle Night Fun

Every Wednesday night is a night of fun and games at Intersect Arts. It's a night when our friends gather around a very large table in our Bored Room with pens and pieces of paper in their hands. It is the night we play Doodle Recall, a great game in which we have to use our observations skills to attempt to create a drawing based on what we can recall of the drawing of the person sitting next to us. In this game, there are no winners or losers, there's only a lot of laughter and fun! If you are free on Wednesday nights, come to our next Doodle Recall night.

posted: 06/02/14