Restaging Restaging by Sarah Rodigeri, Jess Oliveri and Brian Fuata

News   posted: 06/04/14


In the mid to late nineties, short performance works were a practice.  Often happening in a theatrical setup i.e. a seated audience before a live performer and normally between 15 – 20 minutes long, these concise, complete and autonomous performances share the poetic and physical economy of the literary short story or for screen - the short film; and like them they seemingly trace the physicality of their bigger counterparts; but not entirely.  How does the specificity of the exact time of 20 minutes inform artistic process and audience reception?
They require a different tone - a different subset of skill and understanding from both the artist and audience.

Eight artists spread across disciplines ranging from visual arts, music, dance and design have been gathered under the rubric of a short performance; tracing this specific timeframe as a conceptual consideration in which an audience looks at a live performing body, and then doesn’t; how these artists respond to the live body momentarily and through their varied practices engage with performance as a place of absolute resolution.

The artists have been grouped into four pairs and will appear as double bills spread throughout the year at Alaska Projects.

Ivan Cheng 6.30 - 6.50
Shane Haseman 7 - 7.20

Frances Barrett 6.30 - 6.50
Matthew Prest 7 - 7.20

Bianca Hester 6.30 - 6.50
Lizzie Thomson 7 - 7.20

George Egerton-Warbuton 6.30 - 6.50
Matthew Linde 7 - 7.20

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